Here I am on my bed
blankets covering my cold legs
with a hot cup of coffee ready to be drunk
I should feel cozy, warm and almost content, no?
But why,
why do I feel so unmotivated
why do I feel like nothing is worth it
why do I feel so... numb?
The sun is shining today
Its rays are warming up my face
but it just
doesn't help.
It's almost that time of the year
between October and December.
Too late to celebrate halloween
Too soon to celebrate Christmas.
The year is almost ending
Did you complete all your tasks?
Did you get to know someone new?
Did you create some happy memories?
I still have so much to do
I still WANT to do so many things
but time
is flying by.
It's almost that time of the year
but don't worry
everything is possibile
Everything can change in only one minute
Maybe you, right now, are feeling numb
just like me
right now
but maybe, in a minute something will change
someone will send you a text
maybe just an "Hi, How are you?"
your mom or your dad will come over and hug you
or maybe
you'll get up and eat your favoutite food
a piece of cake, an ice cream maybe.
I know I a said a lot of "maybe"
but if you really want it
you can change at least one of this "Maybe"
in a "for sure" or "definetly".
Still feeling numb?
Don't worry, it's normal
you don't have to be happy always
Just take a breath,
Lay down and
close your eyes.
After all it's only ALMOST that time of the year
You still have the time to do anything you want.