okay, now writing notes in class is pretty easy right? but writing neat and minimal notes in class can be hard for some of y'all, so here are some of my tips on how to write notes which look good but also in a way where you don't miss out much in class.

1. don't focus too much on how your notes look
by this i mean we write notes in class for the future, so when exams pop up we can study the notes we wrote. so my point is while writing notes in class, write what you think is important. in your handwriting your comfortable in and in the speed your the fastest at. and then later in a free period or at home, you could always highlight and make it look prettier or neater.

2. practice writing the handwriting you're aiming for
so maybe you could find inspiration on Pinterest or we❤it on the handwriting your aiming for in the future. once you know what you're aiming for, practice the handwriting a lot until your comfortable in writing the way you like.

3. be super attentive in class
okay now i know this self-explanatory but focus on what your subject teacher is saying or explaining in class, especially if it's a new topic, and once you have understood the topic, you can start to write your notes, this really does help because once you're clear with the topic you can write better notes in your own words.

alright that's all i had
hopefully, these come in handy throughout the school year!

thanks for reading
good luck for the rest of the school year