sooo if you're like me then sometimes it takes you a while to get into an artist's music. I've been listening to tame impala for over a year, and most songs have been growers on me.

so, to make things easier for you, I've made another guide, including my favourite songs.

The Less I Know The Better:
this one is probably the first song you think of when someone says "tame impala". it's got hints of 80s funk with the bass line, it's got lots of synths and it's an overall pretty chill song. everyone knows and loves this song, as it's also quite different from their other stuff. tame impala is classified as "psychedelic rock", and a lot of their songs are a lot more "dreamy" and "weird" than this one.

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards:
This one is suuuuuper dreamy and floaty-like. I literally feel like you're floating when you listen to it. I wouldn't say its a dancey/hypey song. To be fair, none of their songs are like that. As someone who usually likes upbeat music, I was surprised at how much I liked this synthy dreamy song.

Let It Happen:
This song is a little more upbeat than the others, which is why I was attracted to it. You listen to it and you can't help but do some sort of fast-side-to-side-dancey-thing. The chorus is upbeat with drums that make you feel like you're running downhill in a good way. Between the choruses, you've got these slow moments that go back into the "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" sorta vibe. The overall good song (even if it is 7 minutes long lol).

This one is a bit more "dreamy-like". But like any tame impala, it's got ups and downs. There are moments that drop to only synth-and-vocals, and other moments where the characteristic bass and drums kick in.

New Person, Same Old Mistakes:
This one is a little darker. Production-wise, it's still got the typical synths, bass and drums. After the long intro and the repetitive verse, there's almost a "drop" at the "Feel like a brand new person!" which leads into the chorus, which is almost something to look forward to when listening.

Yes, I'm Changing:
This song, again, is more dreamy, but in a different way. It's got more of an optimistic tone or emotional tone. It almost sounds like it could be played during a film while the main character is having a self-reflection moment about something eventful that just happened.