these are some items I like right now
  • chunky shoes
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they have been around for a while now, but I hope this trend won't die
  • lime green
stray kids, hyunjin, and kpop image accessories, blue, and diamonds image fashion, green, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image
I've been seeing this colour a lot lately and I think it is going to be a thing
  • hair clips
idol, kpop, and lisa image Image by miiims tumblr image 90s, aesthetic, and girl image
I don't know I personally just like them
  • baret
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I wish I had the confidence to wear mine outside of my house
  • animal prints
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it has to be fake of course
  • pearls
Temporarily removed Image removed Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧ pearls, fashion, and dress image
Sometimes they look tacky, but when you do it right they are really cute
  • gloves
4minute and hyuna image rose, jennie, and blackpink image
I mean it is extra af, but I would love to just casually wear gloves all the time
  • chains
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these are also really in style at the moment
  • Tool/ see trough stuff
zendaya, zendaya coleman, and dress image fashion, aesthetic, and style image Image removed jennie, blackpink, and jenniekim image
I maybe want a prom dress like this