I’m a 21year old female and saw the movie last night. It was absolutely amazing. Truly beautiful. I loved it so much. It was also really sad and even though i tried not to cry I still did.
Couldn’t leave my seat at the end for about three minutes because I couldn’t stop crying. This is a movie that touches SO deep, and is so believable. Gaga can act beautifully, and I think Bradley Cooper has nailed it behind the camera, as well as acting and singing. I think we’ll see a lot more of him directing now, it was totally on point. My pick for best picture at the next Oscars!

Never have i watched a movie that talks about so many real issues, and portrays them in such a realistic way, i am honestly moved by this performance, so much emotion, i honestly could not fault it. this movie seriously touched me, i would 100% recommend seeing it

Always Remember Us This Way

"Lovers in the night
Poets tryin' to write
We don't know how to rhyme but damn we try
But all I really know
You're where I wanna go
The part of me that's you will never die"



"I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in
I’ll never meet the ground
Crash through the surface
Where they can’t hurt us
We’re far from the shallow now"

I'll Never Love Again

This song is very hard to listen to after it.

"Don't wanna feel another touch
Don't wanna start another fire
Don't wanna know another kiss
No other name falling off my lips
Don't wanna give my heart away
To another stranger
Or let another day begin
Won't even let the sunlight in
No, I'll never love
I don't wanna know this feeling
Unless it's you and me
I don't wanna waste a moment, ooh
And I don't wanna give somebody else the better part of me
I would rather wait for you.
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