'Cause no one f*cking gets it anyway...

ACT I - The Life

Life's not for everyone,
She mumbled through her lips.
You're not the only one,
Who's getting through this.

World has taken revenge,
Can't go further anymore.
Nothing has ever changed,
You are forever done.

Afraid of my own thoughts,
Dark light in the eyes.
Nobody really knows
Difference between truth and lies.

I know the feeling dear,
Wishing not to wake up next day.
This reality is so near,
But you hope to be away.

Art can't save me now,
My queen left me as well.
Only want to shout,
Into emptiness I fell.

ACT II - The Death

I won't drink the cup,
I'll put away the gun.
No presence of mind I got,
'Cause I'm not the only one.

I won't use powder blue,
Begging for poison so bad.
You felt you always knew,
You're too weak to do that.

I will tear the chain,
Will destroy razor blade.
Will pretend the next day,
There's no mess inside I made.

'Cause I'm not the only one
And everything will be fine.
Telling me it's just fun,
Until it's too late for you to cry.