Hey Guys this is my first post so hope you like it. I want to practice my vocabulary so don't be so rude with me lol.

I n s p i r e d by (It was so cool)

N a m e: Leon
A g e: 19

A p p e r a n c e:

noah centineo, peter kavinsky, and boy image Temporarily removed Image removed 20, rodolfo pizarro, and chivas image
I would have curly hair (cus my dad) golden skin, green/brown eyes, with a little bread and one or two tattoo.

N a t i o n a l i t y: The best of all.

red, angel, and aesthetic image mexican, mexicans, and quotes image world cup and méxico image black and white, party, and cheers image

P e r s o n a l i t y:

amor, pasión, and guadalajara image aesthetic, dark, and grunge image ulzzang, taeyong, and lee taeyong image Image removed
Play soccer, dance, hang out with friend and night life.

S t y l e:

dean and kpop image Temporarily removed Image removed noah centineo, boy, and noah image
Basically like a kpop idol, like Dean.

M u s i c:

Drake image monsta x image aesthetic, background, and black image goth, gothic, and music image
I would listen to Drake, Monsta X, Jay Park and The Cure (and more like Dean, G Eazy etc etc etc)

F a v F i l m:

movie and mystic river image sean penn, tim robbins, and mystic river <3 image Temporarily removed Image removed
Mystic River and The Crush (90's).

I s t a g r a m:

dean and kpop image Temporarily removed high, river, and seoul image Image removed
With a dark and midnight aesthetic.

| P L A Y L I S T: |

B l i n d - Monsta X

S u n & M o o n - NCT 127

I g o t t h i s - Jay Park

H o m e - Rhodes

T o w i s h i m p o s s i b l e t h i n g s - The Cure

M a r v i n s R o o m - Drake

B l o c k i a - Bad Bunny ft. Farruko

B a t e d B r e a t h - Tinashe

G o o d V i b e s - Fuego ft. Nicky Jam


This is a Spotify playlist for if you want to listen c:

| Thanks for reading, see you next time :) |