Hey guys!

I'm so excited to write my first article on WHI!

Before I start this article, I'm going to tell you that English isn't my native language. I'm a German native speaker, but I want to improve my English skills. So if you have some helpful tips, please let me know.

But now, let me start to tell you about the cities I want to see in the future.

architecture, buildings, and city image italy, marble, and photography image firenze, italy, and photography image italy, firenze, and adventure image
Florenc is a beautiful old Italian city. I want to go there since I'm a little girl. But I didn't come so far since yet.
spain and madrid image Temporarily removed city, flight, and madrid image city, travel, and life image
Madrid. I love Spain, and I heard Madrid should be a wonderful city.
travel, stockholm, and sweden image europe, stockholm, and sweden image autumn, fall, and nature image blue, memories, and pretty image
I don't know since I want to go to Stockholm, but I want!
Image by Anna🦋 paris and travel image paris, sky, and louvre image paris, breakfast, and food image
Paris. Of course, I want to see the city of love.
Caribbean, cuba, and travel image aesthetic, Arhitecture, and beauty image cuba and travel image bright, colors, and cuba image
Havana. I love Cuba. I want to sit in a small café and drinking an original Cuban Coffee.

So that's it, so far. Of course, there are so many another Citys I want to see, but these are my top favorites and I hope I can see one or another in the next time.

I hope you like it. And I wish you a wonderful day.
Keep smiling.

- xo LaEmii