Recently my friend Savannah could not find her aesthetic so i offered to make one for her. I chose a goddess like aesthetic for her. Enjoy!


book, nature, and girl image tree image flowers, girl, and tumblr image aesthetic, flowers, and green image
savannah; means meadow in greek


girl, aesthetic, and grunge image hair, girl, and blonde image Temporarily removed blue, eye, and girl image
blonde hair , greenish (mixed with blue) eyes


fashion, pink, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed beach, dress, and sea image aesthetic, asian, and clothes image
white, pink, blue, and gold/yellow are go to colors for her. Usually seen in sweaters or comfy clothes


piano, music, and vintage image pink, heart, and neon image Temporarily removed Image by charlotte
goddess of music, love, animals, and plants


gold, feather, and aesthetic image rose, flowers, and pink image
golden feathers , pink roses


doodles and playlist image

Six feet under by Billie Eilish
Honey by Kehlani
Strawberries and Cigarettes by Troye Sivan
Kiss The Boy by Keiynan Lonsdale
Lullaby by GOT7

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