Remember the first time we kissed?
You were holding me close, you looked at me, deep into my eyes, and you leaned in
Remember when you made me laugh when I cried?
You would speak to me in Spanish and grab my cheeks( silly, I know)
Remember when you first said I love you?
Sparks flew out of the screen, feeling that those words got us closer
Do you know I remember everything

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I am going to say all of this without thinking of what you might think or if you care because I'm putting myself first

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I love you so much that after everything, I still do
You say it's my fault but is it? You were the one that left, not me
I don't know when I'm moving on, but I hope and know I will.
Just know that I am strong because you were the one who taught me that
Know my life will go on with or without you
I hope for your happiness
Sincerely, a speck in your mind