Hi guys, my previous article was a few months ago on why self love is important. I promised that if I got at least 50 hearts I would have made another one on how to give love to yourself. So without further ado here is the article I promised.

1. Spend time with yourself.
I know it may sound weird but it is a NECESSITY. Many people don't realize it but when we spend time with ourselves, maybe by winding down, playing whatever music you're in the mood for, eating whatever you're in the mood for and having a spa day really BOOSTS your confidence. You get to know yourself better and no one can tell you who you are.

2. Treat yourself.
Don't just have others praise you with gifts when you arrive at a recognizable milestone. There are little victories that are HUGE milestones to us , maybe you have been struggling to break a habit and finally got over it. Treat yourself. We need to understand that we dont do everything for other people and a good way to remind yourself of that is by treating yourself .

3. Learn to say NO.
I know that this can be a struggle. I struggle with it sometimes and you're probably wondering how this is a self care tip. Well many of us tend to want to help others a lot and say yes to their every beckoning. But we need to learn to have a balance and say no when needed because if we aren't in TIP TOP shape we can't help others.

4. Set goals.
Setting goals helps us in bettering ourselves and in this way when you hit a milestone that is only recognizable by us, you can refer to tip number 2 and TREAT YOURSELF.