Lets see my first heartbreak was in my freshman year of high school. I had the biggest crush on my next door neighbor, I don't know what I liked about him I just did for some reason. One night we were chilling outside after hanging with my other neighbor I walked him home we had a deep conversation. then out of no where he kissed me (I kissed him back obviously) he told me he had a crush on me but we didn't get together for some reason. I had butterflies in my tummy all night and couldn't sleep bc the stupid butterflies. But a couple days later after the kiss we shared he got himself a little girlfriend when I saw that my heart broke I called one of my close friends to vent about what just happened I cried because he told me that he had feelings and he was crush for about three years. I was extremely hurt when he done that I was like wow really. Now I realize I still have feelings for him. he is still with his little girlfriend and it hurts a little bit but not as bad he had hurt me when they first got together after our moment couple days back. But in the end you got to move on.