society sucks.
how do you tell me to love myself,
when i'm still sitting here crying for help.
see these scars on my wrist,
how are you going to see me and say i'm perfect
and then say i'm not.
don't tell me what i can wear,
why should you care?
i do it to please me, not you,
fix your attitude.
don't tell me how many guys i can sleep with,
or that i'm a hoe,
because you should know,
i do as i please,
don't tell me to change myself for you,
because that's not how i do.
perfect body, perfect smile.
but how do i smile when i haven't been happy in a while?
you expect me to be positive all of the time,
let's hit rewind.
to the part when you made me feel like shit,
you remember it?
now tell me again that you expect me to be happy.
can't call myself beautiful,
i have to conform to ugly.
but that's not who i wanna be.
how do you expect me to be confident in this day and age,
in this place,
we call society.
it isn't right for me.
the place that treats me unequally.
and for what?
the fact that i have a pussy.

- J.L
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hi! i hope you enjoyed that "poem" i wrote :) i wrote it inspired off of the idea of societal standards for girls and how fucked up they were. originally written by me! hope you feel a little inspired by this!! you're beautiful just the way you are x :)

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