Breakups can really be hard to come to terms with sometimes.
Here are the things that I personally always go to when I feel brokenhearted:

1. Unfollow/Block them on EVERYTHING.

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You don’t want to be scrolling through your feed one day and see a new post of them living their best life or maybe even with another partner. Do yourself a favor and clear them from your social medias.

2. Hangout with Friends or Family.

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Spending time with people you enjoy, and love will help you get your mind off the breakup. Laugh a little and have a good time with your people 😊.


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Go shopping or do a spa day, spoil yourself a little! You deserve it!

4. Listen to songs that make you feel empowered.

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Listen to your favorite artists (try to shy away from anything sad) and jam out. Dance a little.

5. Know that you are strong.

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You will get through this. You may think you will never be happy again, but you will be. It may suck now, but it is not temporary. You are strong enough to fight through this.