That I have Been Overplaying Lately

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journal I issue I

Hello friends, & welcome to my first article. Here are the songs I am currently overplaying for the past while; mainly songs I've been listening too when I am not listening to BTS kekeke. I hope you enjoy, & find new artists/songs that you will enjoy too.

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  • With You - Red Velvet
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  • EASY - Whee In (휘인)
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  • Hold Me - Eric Nam
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  • Lose You - Eric Nam
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  • You Know... - Kwon Jin Ah
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  • 20 - Kwon Jin Ah
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  • 바람이 불면 (When The Wind Blows) - YOONA 윤아
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  • Where are you? - Hello Ga Young
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  • Seasons of the Heart - Seo In Guk
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  • Goodbye Summer - f(x) ft. EXOs, D.O
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  • Hello Tutorial - Zion T, SEULGI
korean hip hop, zion t, and khip hop image
  • I'm Your Girl ? - KHAN
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  • 가을바람 Fall Winds - 담소네공방 Damsonaegongbang
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  • Habit - Seventeen
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  • Over You - MYTEEN
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  • Never Let U Down- Samuel
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  • 1000 - 김종현
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  • Kiss and Make Up - Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK
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  • Written In The Stars - John Legend & Wendy (of Red Velvet)
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  • RM's playlist MONO the whole complete playlist
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until next time
- Kate