Oh, the happiness of the crisp fall leaves, pumpkin patches, apple picking and so so much more. Like cuddle weather? Scary movie nights? Yes, please!
Let's get to reality, no female likes to spend the season going on dates without a, well date of course. Obviously, if you're not one of those females, well you're still perfect. There's 79% of females that are hopeless romantics. Me including. I love going out and doing cute activities with my boyfriend. When possible.
Lately, I've been thinking a lot about my relationship there's been a lot of ups and downs and some parts no relationship should ever have to go through. There have been times where immaturity took the best of us. Looking back, there's been multiple times I've realized how much we both of grown up so much. In relationships, you learn the person. You learn how they react to certain situations and pushing them may not be the best of the ideas. A perfect relationship doesn't exist. If someone in your past relationship has broken you, you're number one rule is to never get into another one who is just getting out of a relationship and is as broken as you are. It will destroy you if you're not strong enough to handle growing with someone who is scared to build you back up. I'm not saying you're never going to make it. But I've learned the hard way. I walked into a relationship where the guy was broken also. He cared for me enough to attempt to build me back up along with trying to take care of himself because I wasn't strong enough to help him. As I said, many ups and downs happened. But in the end, going through those together and talking things out with each other made us so much stronger in the end. If you talked to someone about what was key in a relationship, it was always communication. Communication will make you stronger as well as the relationship. Anger gets the best of most of us. Me? Guilty. I've learned to control a good amount and not completely lash out in the beginning. When you feel your emotions build up. It's always best to walk out and take a breather. Gather your thoughts because as I'm sure you've heard multiple times you may something you don't mean and could potentially hurt the person you're with.

Another key to a relationship, don't spend every day and second with the person. Yes, its great being with the person you love. But you have friends. Go out and hang out with them. It's healthy! It's so unhealthy to keep your partner in the house because you don't trust them. You'll never learn to trust them if they are always constantly by your side.
Relationships are supposed to be enjoyable. Not like having more parents to deal with. Take my advice and use it to you're advantage.

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Always love yourself - Jade-Te'a