Day 5 - 30 facts about me

1. I'm afraid of clowns.
2. I have dyed my hair almost 10 times.

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3. I don't like to go to school.
4. I know two languages and I'm learning one more.
5. My dream is live in London.

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6. I know drive a little.
7. I drink coke all day.

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8. I see movies and series in English.
9. I like boys with ginger hair.

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10. I'm obsessed with boybands.

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11. I love christmas.
12. I'm from Chile.
13. I LOVE the Simpsons.

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14. I never had a boyfriend.
15. My favourite movie and book is Harry Potter.

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16. I don't like football.
17. I like to draw in my free time.
18. I always wear the same shoes.

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19. I don't like vampires and wolfman.
20. I want to go to a concert of Why Don't We.
21. My favourite youtuber is David Montoya.

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22. My favourite actor is Asa Butterfield and Eddie Redmayne.

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23. I'm obsessed with pencils and lettering.
24. I don't like to share with others my bottle or glass of water.
25. I never drink water.
26. I don't eat healthy.
27. I like coffe and I don't like tea.
28. Donuts are the best thing in my life.

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29. I don't like to talk in front of people.
30. I love my nails.

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Thanks for reading! x