This is lowkey just another article about frustration. Just putting that out there before we start on this long meticulous journey of discussing what is frustrating me this time.

Let's start.

So, the thing about being a teenager with friends, is that a lot of the time, said friends do things that you don't understand. More specifically, you look at them and think that they are acting really dumb and stupid.

The thing that I don't know how to do, is get people to tell me what is actually wrong. Everyone acts like everything is fine and that there's no drama, but then they say and do things that then contradict everything that they said about life being fine.

Why, tho?

The majority of my friend group had this massive falling out with each other, and then the next day they created a group chat with the people they fought with and they acted as if everything was fine. Then they went to the original group chat that everyone was in and started talking shit and typing things that they wanted to say, but wouldn't.

My confusion is immense.

And I can't call them out on it, because if I do they'll come at me and get super defensive and not acknowledge that what they're doing is weird and extremely passive aggressive.

And then one of my friends gets mad at the other for talking about the situation to people who aren't involved in it, and all I can think is, "I CAN WRECK YOU SO BADLY. LIKE, LET ME JUST RUIN YOU RIGHT NOW."

My friends, at the base of it, are hypocrites and so am I for somehow dealing with their b.s.

In recent times, I've kind of drifted off from the majority of them, but for some reason, a really weird part of me is hanging on so that it can happen at the end of the year when I can just escape them and never come back, because if I do anything now, I know without a doubt, one of them will come after me.

Frankly, they probably pull the same passive aggressive b.s. behind my back and I just don't know it, but I mean, what can I expect from them? They all hate each other and then act as if everything is alright and the terror of being attacked by them just weighs down any words I can say against them, because even if I have a winning argument against them, they'll still somehow manage to knock me down.

I can't even take a side, because both sides are extremely confusing and difficult to maneuver and everytime I try to start a conversation, anger just takes root and I'm left free falling into a fight that I didn't even mean to start. It's so weird and frustrating seeing them do this passive aggressive stuff, because it's like, why not just leave? Why not just stop talking to each other and move on?

So yeah, if you made it this far into this weird rambling article, thanks, you are loved by me and hopefully not by my friends because their ideas of love are terrifying.

Also, shout out to my 32 followers. I'm still lowkey really dull and I also don't understand why people have started following me, but thanks, it's appreciated. It makes me feel awesome whenever I get a new notification about someone following me.