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I've decided to write an article about everyone's favourite drink - coffee. So, I'll write about most common types of coffee, those you can buy in any coffee shop everywhere in the world. Hope you'll enjoy!


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Espresso is the most basic coffee. It consists of one shot of espresso in a small cup and because of that it's the ideal option when you're in a hurry. Some people like to add some sugar and in that way it provides energy and improves concentration. There are many varieties of espresso, such as espresso doppio (double espresso) or ristretto (the amount of coffee is the same as in espresso but it contains half the amount of water).


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Macchiato is kinda similar to espresso, it contains one shot of coffee and just a bit of the steamed milk (which is why it is called macchiato, from the Italian word 'macchia' meaning 'stain'). Also, there's a "long" version of macchiato, called 'macchiato lungo', which is the same thing but with a double shot of coffee.


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Probably the most popular coffee, it consists of a shot of espresso, milk and foam. There are many varieties of this drink, personally, my favourite version is with chocolate sprinkles on the top.

Caffe Latte

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Basically the same thing as cappuccino, only with less foam. There's also a smaller version of this coffee called 'piccolo latte' and it is made in a cup for espresso. Also, it can have many flavours, depending on the coffee shop.


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Mocha is something between coffee and hot chocolate. It's made by mixing chocolate powder and espresso and than adding steamed milk.

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