Abusive image

Name: Harper Cassidy
Nickname: Doesn't have one
Birthday: August 25th, 1998
Zodic Sign: Virgo


hair, girl, and blonde image girl, aesthetic, and blonde image Temporarily removed eyes, pale, and makeup image
long blonde hair, green eyes, cute nose and a very thin body


fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image fashion, yellow, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed outfit, fashion, and aesthetic image
always with a cropped, likes primary colors clothes and has quite of a 90s style
Why do you wear so much primary colors?
-Henry, 3:47 pm 2018
Why do I have to have a reason to do that?


tattoo and fire image tattoo, flowers, and hands image


quotes and smart image Temporarily removed quotes, deep, and aesthetic image book, quotes, and culture image quotes, aesthetic, and vintage image 90s, grunge, and pastel image
a really smart person, but she doesn't like to show it. likes to have deep conversations and it's pretty social but also reserved, open minded, has opnions on everything
I overthink and create so much teories about the world that I don't know what to believe anymore...
-Harper, 3:47 am 2018


Temporarily removed animal, cute, and rabbit image animal, rabbit, and cute image animal, cute, and bunny image
a bunny named Bugs
Wanna watch Bugs Bunny with me, Bugs?
-Harper, 6:12 pm 2018


vintage and music image music, Queen, and vintage image best friends, concert, and festival image car, vintage, and aesthetic image
listen to music, shows, create teories about everything, watch movies, be up till late
Hey what's up
-Harper via sms, 4:56 am 2018


girl, sky, and stars image Temporarily removed fashion, glamour, and gorgeous image Temporarily removed Image removed purple, aesthetic, and city image
the night sky, roller coasters, nail art, beach, summer
Have you ever thought that the moon that we see is the same moon that Sakespeare, Cleopatra and Van Gogh looked at?
-Harper, 2:09 am 2018

Best Friends

soap, hotel, and funny image accessories, aesthetic, and alternative image
Henry Kim
Copyrighted image aesthetic, black, and gay image
Alyssa Jeon
black, city, and clouds image boy, ginger, and redhead image
Oliver Harlow
Image removed grunge, tumblr, and friends image Temporarily removed grunge, friends, and night image
Should we really do that?
-Oliver, 00:02 am 2018
Guys, we are all going to die someday, let's do that before it happens


summer, young people, and summer 2018 image lips, red, and glitter image yellow, aesthetic, and grunge image vintage, aesthetic, and grunge image vintage, aesthetic, and red image aesthetic, vintage, and you image
Why can't I go to that show mom?!
-Harper, 4:20 pm 2006