quotes image birthday and Seventeen image
best feature
Image by Reem🌻 Temporarily removed
my eyes
aesthetic, cheese, and clothes image yellow, aesthetic, and quotes image
deepest regret
one direction, niall horan, and Harry Styles image one direction, niall horan, and Harry Styles image
didn't go to one direction's concert
everyday starts with
aesthetic, red, and social media image friends, friendship, and tumblr image
check my phone and talk with my friends
fix something
blue, effect, and kawaii image autumn, black, and fall image
my shyness
greatest accomplishment
quotes, pink, and proud image proud and Harry Styles image
"I'm proud of you" by my dad
Image by ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. 𝒫𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒾 .:**:.☆*.:。.✿ filmes, movies, and pipoca image
listen music, read and watch movies
in love with
corbyn besson, jack avery, and why don’t we image Temporarily removed
Jack Avery
job of my dreams
20s, 70s, and 80s image breakfast, food, and travel image
run a hotel
kids I want
Temporarily removed child, girl, and kids image
just one
last place I traveled to
beach, blue, and celeste image chile, clock, and flores image
Viña del Mar, Chile
movie that represents you
Inspiring Image on We Heart It harry potter, hermione granger, and emma watson image
harry potter
number of siblings
celebrity, feed, and filter image bff, forever, and friendship image
one sister
Image removed fashion, outfit, and style image
book, sad, and aesthetic image harry potter, hogwarts, and ron weasley image
read and draw
question that people always asked me
Image removed flowers, makeup, and eyes image
do you wear contact lenses?
reasons to smile
Image removed Image removed
couple, love, and hug image lesbian, love, and girl image
honestly, idk
TV show
Image removed Image removed
gilmore gilrs and glee
underwear colour
girl, grunge, and tumblr image girl, sea, and summer image
black or white
vacation place to go
sunset, city, and travel image travel, pink, and architecture image
worst habit
aesthetic, vintage, and red image Temporarily removed
drink coke all day
x-rays I've had
blue, dead, and gone image b&w, different, and photo image
just teeth
your favourite thing to do
black dress, black shoes, and girl image food, friends, and breakfast image
hang out with my friends
zodiac sign
beach, boho, and capri image Image removed

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