Hey guys! My name is Marcela and today I'm gonna write about the day 8 of "30 Days Writing Challenge". I hope you guys like it and can get to know me better.

Day 8: List something you struggle with

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Everybody is struggle with something that nobody knows and with me isn't different. But, right now I'm struggle with my "confort zone". To me is very difficult to be brave and put in action what I really want to do.
For example: every year in "promise list os the year" I write go to gym, but I never really go to gym during the year. That is just a example, but I have so many difficulty to make come true anything that I dream. My comfort zone impede me from what I want to be/do.

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To solve this problem I’m invest in self knowledge and make plans for the day. I really hope I’ll solve this and be courageous to do whatever I dream in my life.

So guys that is my article about what I struggle with. I hope you liked it and thank you for the patience with my english, I'm still learning.
Stay beautiful!