Hello everyone!

Today I'm making my first post to introduce myself, my dreamns and asking for your help.

My name is Eda-Elena, I'm 18 and living at Nice, France where I study law. It has been 2 months that I'm studying law and I have to admit… that's really not my thing. I live a bit far from my school si it's very hard (and expensive) to wake up very early in the Morning and travelling 3 hours to study something I really don't like! I work hard yet but get bad grades and I'm really tired of giving all my energy, time and money to get nothing.

Fashion, art and travelling are definitly my passions. And today, I've decided to stop working that hard to be unhappy. I have decided to try my luck. I'm young and I think everybody should try doing what they really like, I mean we only live once! I try to give sens to my life, and enjoy everything that I'm doing.

My biggest wish is studying fashion communication at the great school of Central Saint Martins at London. For that, I'm working every single day after school in a supermarket and babysitting at night when I get the oportunity. I'm also taking English lessons to improve my level. But all of this is not enough! As a young student, living in London, adding the school's fees would be way too expensive for me.

That's why today I'm asking for your help, even if I feel bad about this. If you guys want to help me realizing my dreams, a financial help would be soooo important to me. Even one simple euro would really help me.

So let's do this together!

Thank you very much for reading, and for your help!

By the way, I also encourage all of you to bealive in your dreams, and always try your best to reach them, we don't have nothing to lost by trying!