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Alyssa Snow

September 26th (Libra)

Elle Fanning, angel, and blonde image eyelashes, beauty, and pale image Mature image glitter, makeup, and white image
long white-blonde hair, very pale skin & blonde eyebrows & eyelashes, high cheekbones and small blue eyes

Blood Status

harry potter and muggleborn image photographs, instagram, and pale image
muggle-born, but into a very rich & affluent family


harry potter, ravenclaw, and gif image tea, coffee, and cozy image


design, layers, and style image bodysuit, denim, and jeans image girl, gypsy, and lightning image fashion, jeans, and style image
very simple, not many patterns, graphic tees, jeans, and anything to show off her slim body


study, blue, and inspo image gold, metallic, and optimist image pale, silver, and pastel blue image quotes image
optimistic, hard worker, creative, frank and expressive


animals, bird, and Flying image
eagle - courage and spirit.


harry potter, wand, and aesthetic image wand, harry potter, and book image
spruce, dragon heartstring, 10", pliable

Favourite Classes

cold, ice, and winter image bird, Queen, and royal image
herbology and care of magical creatures

Favourite Spells

charm, curse, and harry potter image aesthetic, blue, and photography image
sonorus/quietus and glacius

Favourite Places

cold, frost, and snow image blue, hogwarts, and home image Image by steeples collapsed Abusive image
hogwarts; the black lake; watching quidditch


birds, blue, and pale image Temporarily removed owl and bird image owl, black and white, and grand rapids image
a small horned owl named queenie that sometimes changes colour


beauty, blue, and glitter image train, forest, and nature image coffee, drink, and milk image ice, nature, and winter image
makeup, exploring, tea and experimenting with ice, snow and weather magic

Yule Ball

dress, fashion, and style image winter, beauty, and makeup image reign, mary, and adelaide kane image beauty, mirror, and Queen image
she wore a set of blue and silver robes and an elaborate head piece for the masquerade theme. she went stag but ended up spending an awful lot of time with lachlan, a gryffindor boy in her year.


cold, frost, and mist image deer, animal, and winter image cake, aesthetic, and blue image girl, lace, and model image
a crisp winter morning, stables and birthday cake