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Tatum + Rhett

Kinsley and Rhett are growing up slower than the rest of the babies. I am happy about this. Who knew I'd be so good at handling newborns? Definitely not me.

I finally feel well enough to go to work today. It'll be Spencer's first day taking care of the twins on his lonesome. I know he'll be fine.

Rhett is a vampire and Kinsley is a witch. Rhett's fangs haven't popped out yet, but supposedly it's more painful than normal teeth growing in. Kinsley's the best baby. I get a feeling she's special like me. I'll have to speak to Matilda about that. I looked at the clock. 7AM. Time to get ready for work.

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I walked into our bedroom and kissed sleeping Spencer on the cheek. "Morning, babe," I said softly. Rhett reached for him so I put him on the bed. Kinsley laid on his chest. Rhett found his way onto his pillow.

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Kinsley, Rhett, and Spencer

Spencer opened his eyes and smiled. I couldn't help but smile looking at my little family. I always thought I'd be dead before graduating high school, yet here I am. Healthier than ever with my own family. "Morning, my loves," Spencer said. I love his morning voice. And his eyes. And that he loves books just as much as me. "I'm going to get ready for work. You're on solo daddy duty today," I told him. "Yesss," he replied. I smiled and headed to the shower. I'll miss my babies, but I'm looking forward to getting back into the library.