Hi everybody ! It has been a while since I posted something because I wasn't really in a mood to do thing. I went to a concert, and well, pcd was real. I was so sad, but also so happy. But I'm back with a playlist (again).

city, Sunday, and sunset image sky, nature, and sunset image
  • Saturday Nights by Khalid.
  • Vertigo by Khalid.
  • Eastside by benny blanco ft. Halsey & Khalid.
  • Young, Dumb & Broke by Khalid.
sky, city, and sunset image Temporarily removed
  • Sideways by EBEN.
  • That's Alright by EBEN.
  • Tell Me by EBEN.
  • LAMBO by EBEN.
autumn, cold, and dark image Temporarily removed
  • Overture by AJR.
  • No Grass Today by AJR.
  • Netflix Trip by AJR.
  • Come Hang Out by AJR.
sky, pink, and aesthetic image city, sky, and pink image
  • 8 Letters (Acoustic) by Why Don't We.
  • In Too Deep by Why Don't We.
  • Just To See You Smile by Why Don't We.
  • Taking You by Why Don't We.
  • Hooked by Why Don't We.
sky, sunset, and city image sky, clouds, and purple image
  • Steal My Girl by One Direction.
  • Happier by Marshmello.
  • Friends by Why Don't We.
  • Sweetener by Ariana Grande.
  • goodnight n go by Ariana Grande.
sky, pink, and clouds image sky, sunset, and window image

Hope this allowed you to discover new songs (:

Love Always Wins