"why don't you say anything, is everything alright?"

Sometimes i'm full of silence. I think we're all. It's just that sometimes, there is nothing to say, no expression to make, no move to do...
We all have been asked this question on the top.

But why is it so important to always speak your mind and say something?

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Of course there're times when you should stand up and speak your mind. But to be silent is okay, too.

As a child i didn't spoke that much. To me, all that i could have said never felt relevant enough to be said out loud. It always seemed to be something that wouldn't made any change . And i think it's okay, people thought i'm shy, maybe i was a bit shy, but now? No It's just that not everybody has to hear what I've been thinking. Sadly most of the people think , whatever they have to say, no matter if it's racist or just dumb or disrespectful. They scream out all their thoughts and all their bullshit and most of the time i just think: do you really had to say that right know like telling me that i look kind of stupid with that pullover or whatever....

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I just don't get it. I don't wanna hear people ask me why don't i talk.
That's my problem and it's actually not even a problem. I just want to enjoy the silence. That beautiful silence while i drive around and look outside the window and just think of nothing important.

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I just dive in in the life of other people , who walk across my way and i think about how they life could be. I don't talk because i want that silence , so i can be loud at other days.

The silence is a part of all the other activities in life.
The world keeps spinning and there're things that happen all around the world all the time, and so many noises.
I just want that silence to surround me sometimes.

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silence to see all that beauty around me