Personal Info

Name: Park Yebin
Stage name: Sunny
Position: Lead rapper; Lead vocalist; Lead dancer
Line: 99
BIrthday: July 25th
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 1,68 cm
Birthplace: New York, America
Languages: English; Korean

Moved to Seoul at the age of 10
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New York - Seoul


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Long wavy brown hair


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Very luxurious


Very artistic, generous and cheerful. Overthinks too much. Loves days off where she can spend time with her friends and boyfriend and loves to buy expensive things and brands.

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Idol Info

Group Name: Love Failure
Concept of the group: Dark and sexy (Empower women)
Fandom: Lovelyz
Fandom's color: Blood red

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Number of members: 5
- Kim Yoon-suk
- Lee Hwa-soo
- Kyung Hye-rim
- Park Yebin
- Jung Gyuri

Company: SM Entertainment
Debut date: 28 August 2017
Debut song: Cheatin' Lips
Debut album: Lips Deep, People High

Friends (groups)

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NCT, Red Velvet, EXO

Close Friends (boys and girls)

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Jaemin (NCT), Joy (Red Velvet), Chanyeol (EXO), Jisung (NCT)


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Mark Lee (NCT) - They were friends since they were little (when both of them lived in New York). Since a very young age, they always had a crush on each other. Later on, they confessed their feelings and started dating.
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