Yuki knows many languages including:

theme, aesthetic, and archive image love, quotes, and I Love You image Temporarily removed arabian, arabic language, and arabic typography image
Japanese. English. Irish Gaelic. Norwegian. Korean. Spanish. Italian. German. Chinese. Dutch. Portuguese. Romanian. Turkish. Hungarian. Lithuanian. Khmer. Serbian. Hindi. Czech. Indonesian. Thai. Malaysian. Russian. Danish. Slovenian. Arabic. Croatian. Afrikaans. Swedish. Polish. Icelandic. Ukrainian. Jewish.


wallpaper, clouds, and rain image rain, aesthetic, and autumn image Image by fuckyeahhugsandwhiskey rain, flowers, and umbrella image
Means a lover of rain. In fact, Yuki finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.


storm and nature image sky, purple, and lightning image
spider, water, and photography image alternative, black, and creepy image
alternative, Darkness, and led image dark, hands, and black image
free spirit, height, and city image fog, forest, and height image
quotes, sad, and text image Image by juxan
Not being good enough
anxiety, architecture, and claustrophobia image alone, dark, and claustrophobia image
Small and Closed Spaces
broken, mirror, and glass image body, depression, and hate image
Body Dismorphia
fear, feelings, and throw up image girl, friends, and drunk image
Throw Up
red image blood, hand, and black and white image
closeup and insects image blue, theme, and aesthetic image
aesthetic and dark image Image removed
it, red, and black and white image it, pennywise, and Stephen King image


dress, wedding, and white image wedding image love, couple, and wedding image Temporarily removed
Yuki got merried at the age of eighteen

Keeps a Secret Diary

pink, book, and aesthetic image diary, journal, and writing image diary, tumblr, and writing image book, light, and read image

Loves Studio Ghibli

laputa, Castle in the Sky, and studio ghibli image totoro, anime, and studio ghibli image chihiro, anime, and spirited away image anime, films, and studio ghibli image

She fight for Gender Equality

blue, clothes, and gender image quotes, feminism, and gender image feminism, quotes, and gender image makeup, gender, and quotes image

She is a Rape Victim

no, Powerful, and quotes image Image by Jade Alexander alternative, blue, and boys image rape image
She was raped by some classmates

She has been admitted to an Asylum for some time

angel, beautiful, and bed image aesthetic, asylum, and hospital image asylum and madness image escape, hospital, and run image
Rutledge Asylum

She has a YouTube Channel

Image by 𝐺𝑖𝑢𝑙𝑖𝑎𝑛𝑎 𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐌𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 ballerina, dance, and dancer image guitar, music, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
Where she posts acro-dance coreography and cover songs

She is a Teen Mom

birth, happiness, and mother image baby and family image lovely, sweet, and cute image teen pregnancy beach image
She got pregnant at 13 and gave birth at 14

She had an abortion

abortion, empowerment, and feminism image pregnant image of, rape, and sculpture image aesthetic, blonde, and blonde girl image
When she was raped by her classmates, she got pregnant. When she found out she decided to have an abortion.

She owns a Heart Shaped Photo Pendant

aesthetic, necklace, and heart image Temporarily removed english, engraved, and etsy image heart, necklace, and gold image
It's a birth gift by her family

She likes collecting Action Figures

japan, Otaku, and pastel image hatsune miku, action figure, and doll image sword art online, action figure, and asuna image anime and shigatsu wa kimi no uso image

She is ambidextrous

book, glasses, and writing image book, coffee, and reading image lydia martin, teen wolf, and left handed image train, aesthetic, and travel image


  • Car
cabriolet, fashion, and audi image girl, blonde, and car image
Pink Audi 8 Cabriolet
  • Bike
Image removed Image by Lupita Gonzalez Torres
  • Bus
Temporarily removed fun, retro, and bus image
Pink Volkswagen Transporter T1 Canvas
  • Scooter
Image by Mayra Osorio fashion, woman girl, and drink drinks image

She posed for Nude Magazines

Image by elizabeth Nude, theme, and body image

Sports she cand do

arrow, aesthetic, and archery image archery and arrow image grunge, aesthetic, and alternative image badminton, sports, and deportes image red hair image baseball and sport image bowling, love, and couple image bowling, Strike, and stripes image cheerleader, aesthetic, and red image cheerleader and cheerleading image athlete, figure skating, and ice image figure skating and ice skating image rhythmic gymnastics, fitness, and flexibility image ballet and dance image horse and riding image animal, beauty, and breed image aesthetic, fashion, and girls image dream house, fashion, and girl image beach, bikini, and swimsuit image Image by gaia
Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Bowling, Cheerleading, Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Horse Racing, Tennis, Volleyball

Musical Instruments she can play

clarinet and music image clarinet, flute, and music notes image drummer, pastel, and singer image Temporarily removed flute, music, and notes image flute image blackpink, rose, and kpop image black, electric guitar, and girl image piano, aesthetic, and pale image aesthetic, music, and hands image Temporarily removed aesthetic, gold, and music image violin and music image violin, music, and aesthetic image
Clarinet, Drums, Flute, Guitar and Electric Guitar, Piano, Harp, Violin