When the rain falls and there are so many things to do, brain exhausts quickly. No secret, sometimes in autumn we are not in the mood. But music is the one that changes everything. Here is a list of songs you would pray for on a bad day.

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Billie Eilish, Khalid – Lovely

Ash – Mosaique

Gjan – Ring Them Bells

Two Feet – I Fell Like I’m Drowning

Vanotek feat. Eneli – Back To Me

Ivan Valeev – Novella

Charlotte Cardin – Dirty Dirty

Glimmer of Blooms – I Cant Get You Out Of My Head

Konoba – On Our Knees (feat. R.O)

JUSTÉ – Red Lights

Kina – I’m In Love With You

Beissoul & Einius – Rooftop

Junior A – Flashbacks

Daddy Was A Milkman – Breathe In

Daddy Was A Milkman – Mr. Nevermet

Le Flex – Kiss Me

III – Thrill

ZHU – Good Life

33Tours – California Dreamin

Joe Dassin – Et si tu n’existais pas (Malcom B remix)

The Weeknd – Call Out My Name

Flight Facilities — Need You feat. NÏKA

Billie Eilish – When The Party’s Over

Sharliz x FULLER – Танцы На Стёклах

Тима Белорусских – мокрые кроссы

Childish Gambino – Redbone

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Enjoy silent evenings. Those are the best to lay in bed and consider everything. Find music that grows on you and always, yes, ALWAYS, find time to relax. Good night ❤

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