eyes dance back and forth across the room.
straightening my posture will make me look taller, more confident. maybe a little bit more lipstick could help my cause..
you shift and turn and i glance and your head is in your hands. and yeah, i wish i would stop this too.
i'm sorry.
do we even understand what we're doing?

i have seen that face almost everyday for well over five years. we've put in distance but can you blame me for the way this crushes my soul? i'm used to you. i don't want to leave.
the way you laugh, the way you smile, you. you'll never escape my memory, i won't let you.
I need to get in as much of this as i can before its time and we're forced to put on those ugly and expensive graduation gowns. the clock keeps ticking. it won't stop ticking. make it stop please.

i've thought about holding myself back; whose to say UNCC is any better than the shitty community college you're planning on. But lets be honest, it is, so i can't. i can't.
Out of everyone in this building, i will miss you the most. i'm so sorry, i have to leave. i hope one day fate will bring us together again. It has to, i think we're meant to be.
come back to me.