Day1: List 10 things that make you really happy

I'm a student yet so the biggest problem for me is exams.

study, school, and notes image book, coffee, and goals image
Good marks and high points make me happy!!!

The smile appears on my face, when I hear the song of my favorite groups on TV or Radio.

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Travelling with my FAMILY

asia, europe, and istanbul image :), algarve, and baby image

Chilling with DJND(my best friends)

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We are different and I have no idea how we found each other

Math lessons

beige, books, and college image Image by Isabella Carpenter
I feel free in this lesson I don not know why, but I relax during the solution of math tasks :)

New interesting TV shows

blonde, gif, and pretty image netflix, elite, and series image riverdale, pop, and vintage image lana condor, noah centineo, and peter kavinsky image


Basketball, girl, and nike image Image by Lili Anna
I am not good at it but I enjoy playing

Mom's pancakes

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They are the best

Something new(Clothes, music, school, ?country?life?)

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:p I don't like when everything is grey and monotonous. I prefer colorful changes xoxo

Party, birthdays(not mine), holidays

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what can be better?