When people say " u needed to move on" it sound like it would be the hardest thing to do. Trust me I know. But it is not that hard if u follow ur heart. if ur girl or boyfriend breaks up with u then texts u saying they r srry. My advice would be not to text them back. Its ok to still be friends but not if they are trying to make u mad or sad. if u have pictures of ur ex-lover u need to delete them. if u keep those pics it will hurt u, even more, because it will remind u how much u loved him or her. unfollowing them on any social media will also help bc then u wont see them posting pics of there new lover or selfies that make u want them back. u most deffently don't want them posting things about u guys breaking up or saying rude thing about u and how they wish they never dated u. so I guess I could say is delete them from ur life it will help trust me I felt better when I did all of this.