Hi, I'm Amber and I'm fifteen years old. This article is gonna be hella long but please keep reading because I want you people to know this.

I'm often a bit depressed or feeling sad. THANKS TO MY FREAKING TEENAGER MIND. I'm insecure about my weight or my acne, scared that nobody will like me or comparing myself with other people. I'm lucky to have friends that love me because of who I am. But why do I still feel so sad?


I grew up liking barbies and wanting to be a princess. For every birthday I asked make up and painted my nails pink. But now I'm older, I'm the opposite of a girly girl. I threw away 9/10 part of my make up and mostly wear black. And I hear you guys thinking "that's because she's a teenager, that just a phase". And maybe that's true, but boy how I disgust lip gloss. I always thought that boys didn't like a wanna be emo girl that likes gaming and Star Wars. I can't look into a boy's mind but I DO know...if they don't like you for the way you are, they're not worth it. You don't have to be a girl that always wears make up or spends all their money on clothes. But if you are that kind of girl, good for you, as long as you are yourself and you're happy. The same for my acne, I always thought that boys would never date me because I have a disgusting face (my face actually isn't disgusting. Yes, I have acne, but without it I wouldn't be me. I love my face). But again, if a boy (or a girl of course :)) dislikes you because you have acne, HE ISN'T WORTH IT. I have three brothers. And don't get me wrong, they're the best, but also a huge pain in the ass. And also because of them I'm not a very girly girl. I used to play with lego with them and I was part of a soccer team. But I'm glad they made the person who I am now.

Side note: It's a year later now and I can tell you, it was indeed a phase. I freakin' love make up and almost never wear black anymore. But that's okay, people change :)


Then there's this thing called pizza. God, how I love pizza. I can eat it everyday. But I HATE going to the gym. And now I have a little pizza belly. And then I think "nooooo, I'm fat!". But you know what? Did I enjoy the pizza? Hell yeah. Should I go to the gym? Maybe. Another pizza? HELL YEAH. I'm not telling you you should eat pizza everyday because you guys know that's not good for you. But I can tell people at school I ate pizza last night and they'll be jealously saying "God, I want pizza too". Who cares you have a little belly? I'm gonna say it again: IF PEOPLE JUDGE YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR WEIGHT THEY'RE NOT WORTH IT. Sometimes I'm sad and I can't explain it. Sometimes I cry because I think I'm ugly. I compare myself then with people who I think are pretty. And mostly that are popular kids. Kids that post selfies on social media and get hundreds of likes and comments. Comments about how pretty they are. Then I look at my comments and notice there are just a few from my best friends. And of course, if it's night and I'm sitting alone in my room while seeing that on my phone, I start to cry. But why? Why would I give a fuck what other people think about those popular kids? Why would I give a fuck what other people think about me? As long as I am myself, I'M THE PRETTIEST I CAN BE. Because convidence looks good on me, on everybody. For example, I have a friend but at first we didn't get along at all. One day when we still weren't friends I cut off my hair so I had a bobline. My long hair was now gone and I was so happy about it. But other people said it was ugly and I looked like a coconut. A few weeks ago my friend told me she saw me that day coming into school with my new hair. And she thought: that girl has the balls to not give a fuck about other people's opinions and just does what she wants. But actually that wasn't true. I was super insecure about my new hair. Now, I dye it often in many different colors. Because now I'm myself and really don't care about other people's opinions.


You need to remember that you are enough. All the insecurities will fade away one day. Your flaws make you unique and make you special. Someone who doesn't respect you for who you are doesn't deserve a place in your life. YOU DO YOU.