Remember the most bitter person you know. Remember the attitude, the critics and the unconformity with life.
Now, remember the happiest teenager you know. Remember the dreams, the optimism, the light in the eyes.

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Very different, right? But remember, every bitter person was once a teenager with light and dreams, hit by life.

Ghosts that chase me. Scraps of secondary people reincarnating in new adult spirits. Familiar looks in anonymous faces that will always remind me of where I am from as if I could forget it someday.

Metamorphosis. Breaking people, creating new ones with broken fragments, an appearance of happiness. Isn´t it beautiful? It is called being an adult and starting to live a life that was meant for you and from which you can not escape.

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Today I saw you after a long time of not talking, I wanted to meet you again, to know what your new tastes were, your new dreams, your new goals. Definitely, the time we spent together today, you filled a void that eats me very bastard.

For a long time I dreamed of having you as I had you today, I dreamed of holding you as I did, kissing you as I did. I dreamed that you would tell me that "I love you", I dreamed of holding your hand while you talked to me about your problems.

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But after today ... what?

Fuzzy memories of things that made you happy. Fragments of laughter and the melody of those you thought would be by your side. Pieces of the souls consumed by the misfortune that saw you bloom, now flow through your veins like the energy that you need.

That innocent love, powerful and undefined. Bronte source of life and dreams. Smiles where once there were tears. Trees of light where once the fire burned his entire body.

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And I don´t know what to do about you. Sometimes I feel I can not continue. So please hug me as I do. Because this day, I could die.

Sometimes, when I look at the mirror, my body blurs and suddenly, the shadow of my toxic person gets in.

Huge shout out to my friend Daniel Hernández, who writes amazing thoughts every now and then.

This article was written by @luna_azul_arce on the We Heart It Writers Team