korean name : Kim SunHi (hangeul : 김순히)

Kim 김 : gold

chain, paris, and watch image

Sun 순 : good heart

Mature image

Hi 히 : happiness

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Stage name : Cherry

Nicknames : Sun, Chewy, Kimy

Birthplace : Daegu, South Korea

Birthday : February, 14th

Line : 1998 (20years)

Height : 169cm

Weight : 56kg

Zodiac : aqaurius

aquarius, horoscope, and quote image

Personnality : ENFP

Skills : speaks korean, english and french fluently
write songs easily
dance machine

Look :

tumblr, ulzzang, and girls korean image ulzzang, girls korean, and tumblr image girl, ulzzang, and korean image girl, aesthetic, and beauty image

Group name : Hopeful

Fanbase : Hopers

Genre : kpop, krap (mostly krap)

Concept : badass, sexy

badass, cars, and fashion image Abusive image grunge, korean girls, and ulzzang image credit, fashion, and girl image

Position : lead rapper and dancer

Personnality : extraverted, funny, agoraphobia, smily, open minded, kind

Hobbies : rap, write songs, spend time with friends and family, cooking

study, inspiration, and coffee image friends, night, and summer image Inspiring Image on We Heart It best friends, friendship, and girls image

Friends :

junghoseok, bts, and jhope image
Jung Hoseok (BTS)
min, bts, and yoongi image
Min Yoongi (BTS)
Image removed
Park Chanyeol (EXO)
Image by Loup
Lalisa Manoban (Blackpink)

Style :

fashion, outfit, and clothes image girl, outfit, and style image fashion, plaid, and streetwear image checkered, fashion, and high socks image
blazer, classy, and fashion image fashion, style, and girl image blouse, chic, and classy image black, dress, and fashion image
girl, ulzzang, and airport image airport, asian, and fashion image blackpink, kpop, and lisa image Image removed
asian, korean, and ulzzang image black, cutie, and goth image alternative, black, and fashion image pretty girl, sexy body, and tumblr image

Solo songs :

aesthetic, niche, and peach image tattoo, sun, and yellow image

"and the rain will end
when the sun will come
but i still love you..."

couple, love, and kiss image aesthetic, city, and grey image
unfortunately (to her brother)
aesthetic, brother and sister, and sleeping image twins, aesthetic, and text image

"hope never stay
but with you
he never leaves"

aesthetic, purple, and quotes image couple, love, and boy image
girl, aesthetic, and grunge image grunge, quotes, and alive image

"the old self is dead
killed by celebrity"

nike, girl, and black image grunge, sad, and aesthetic image

Collab songs :

dont play baby (ft. Lisa)
dark, demon, and Queen image bad, bitch, and neon image

"dont play with me
im a bad bitch
you're only a kid"

Temporarily removed red and bad bitch image
u hurt my feelings again (ft. Suga)
aesthetic, breakup, and dark image Image removed

"u hurt my feelings again baby
but i'm used to it
so i'll be fine
because it's always like this"

lies image aesthetic, loner, and red image
Forget (ft. Park Jimin)
patrick, heart, and spongebob image bad, boy, and quotes image

"my heart is broken
the story is written
without you
i'm ready to forget"

rose, fire, and aesthetic image 90s, aesthetic, and breakup image

Shipped with : Lee Felix because people say they both are rap machine and they look cute together

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