Hi you:)

I think I'm quite right if I say, people don't like fall very much. I mean, there's a lot of rain, it's cold, and it's dark early, we really miss summer, etc...


I'm here to show you that fall is the BEST season yet! I totally fell in love with fall this year, and I'm making a list, so you'll realize it's the best or just check it out if you're already love this magical season.

autumn, leaves, and fall image autumn, leaves, and fall image
Leaves. Leaves has just wonderful colors. Look at the nature close to you, it worth it:)
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it's the coziest season I know! It's not too cold to be outside, but it's the time for cozy big jumpers and pullovers!
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time to light some candle, read a book and get lost in wonderland
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pumpkin is the best thing ever
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Halloween. Although my country doesn't celebrate Halloween, I always make a pumpkin and put it outside the house, just for fun.

I guess that was all for now
See you next time, hopefully :)