You said you knew me. You said you did.
And first I believed you. Later I realized you don't. You said you loved me. You even said you wanted me, but really you didn't. I said I loved you and you ignored me. I said I needed a hug and you skipped me. I said I wanted you and you walked away.
You do not know me, really you don't. You don't know anything about my honest moments, what I think about when I am showering or when I can't sleep. You don't know what makes me sad or what makes me laugh untill that pain in the stomach. You don't know what I would like to be or what I would love to do. You don't know when I feel me at my best or when I just really would like to stay in my bed. You don't know that I like the moments on my own but that I sometimes feel sad because of that. That I would like a hug or a kiss or just someone like you. You don't know me.
Really you don't.