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I know it's been a little time since I've written an article, but right now I'm very busy with school :/

But now I'm back with this article and I hope you're gonna like it! <3

How much time do you spend on WHI a day?

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When I first started using We Heart It in 2015 I used a lot of time on it. Maybe two - four hours a day for about two years. But the past year I've been really busy with school and exams, so lately I've spend about 15 minutes - one or two hours a day.

Do you see things in real life and mentally heart them?

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No. I never really post any of my own pictures here on WHI and I usually only post articles. Usually I just heart other peoples pictures and articles and put them in a collection.

Do you go on a hearting spree when you see a collection you like?

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Sometimes yes.

What's your favourite thing to heart?

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That's a hard question. I like hearting a lot of things, but usually it's things like clothes and retro-alike things. It's very rarely that I like memes or people that I'm a fan of here on WHI, 'cause I feel like it would fill up to much space on my profile.

Are you a collection hoarder or a picky collection owner?

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Weeeeeell... I have 37 collections so maybe a collection hoarder? But there are still a lot of people on WHI, who has way more collections than me ;)

Do you have a collection that you never add photos to but it's still there?

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No, I doesn't have a collection that I NEVER add photos to anymore, but I have a few that I doesn't use very often.

What is the thing you love most about WHI?

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I love a lot of things about WHI. First of all, I love that you can find the most beautiful pictures and that you can always find what you are looking for. But the thing that I love most about WHI is that you can be you and no one will judge you for that (or not what I've seen of). I feel like the users on WHI haves a special bond (and I know that it sounds weird), even though we don't know each other and all of us comes from way different countrys and cultures, and therefor it also doesn't matter if you make a few misspellings in your english - 'cause we all do. And maybe it sounds weird, but that's just the way I feel <3

Has WHI changed/impacted your life?

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Yes it has, but in a good way.

So that's it! I hope you liked it and I tag everyone who feels like they wanna do the WHI tag too <3


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