So i've watched this inspirational Ted Talk of Abria Joseph (the video is on Youtube and i really recommend it!!) & i've learned 3 efficient ways to remove negativity and negative thoughts!!!

When negative thoughts come to the surface, ask yourself:

1. Is what i'm thinking the truth?

2. Is it necessary? (Is what I'm saying to myself in my head, is necessary in the exact moment in what I'm doing with my life right then? Does it bring me something good?)

3. Does it improve upon the silence?

Asking these questions to yourself help you rationalize your negative thoughts and make them less of a big deal. It personally help me feel less anxious is moments of stress and good about myself.
So we really need to use our logic to tear these little voices in our head that tell us we won't be capable of pursuing our dreams or that we're not enough.

Also practice positive self-talk!!!! Tell yourself you're proud for everything you went thru, practice gratefulness in your everyday life, train your brain to see the good in every bad thing...

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