Singaporean Rice Ingredients
Chicken gravy
Chiccut4 kg cutted in small pieces
Soya sauce 4tbsp
Vinegar 4tbsp
Chilli sauce 5tbsp
Ketchup half cup
Capsicum 2
Onion 1
Spring onion 3
Green chillies 10-12
Carrot 1
Garlic paste 2tbsp
Salt to taste
Black pepper 2tbsp
Red pepper 2.5tbsp

First in a pan heat oil add garlic then add chicken and cook it for 2-3 mins then add the spices cook for a while add sauces then again cook at the end add the vegetables.

Mayonnaise Sauce
Mayonnaise 1cup
Ketchup 2tbsp
Red pepper 3tbsp
Black pepper 3tbsp
Sugar 2tbsp
Cream 2tbsp
Salt to taste

Mix the Ingredients
Rice 2cups boiled
Noodles or egg noodles boiled with food colour
Then cut garlic and fry for a while and keep aside
Assemble all the ingredients together and serve!

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