He is new.
He is tall and tan and charming,
Soft as a feather, light as a dream.
Hands like rough seas with skin like sandy shores.
Love like a friend and want like a partner.
He is new, yet somehow feels so old.
He feels like nothing and everything,
Now and never.
Tried and tested yet never perfected,
A man who has been rejected.
Not new enough to feel bliss
yet old enough to avoid ignorance.
Been cheated, defeated, treated by the snake
Only to awake and remake his mistake.
With the woman, the devil, the angel newly fallen,
Somehow finds a way to crawl in to his heart.
Now she herself is not new.
She walks with a cape of heartbreak by her feet,
She throws words like knives,
Enters lives just to leave them,
Uses skill to deceive them,
Doesn't care for affairs, only aims for despair
Tired of the scare of the old,
How they compare to his new.
His tall and tan and charming,
His voice and skin and face,
His love from pure heart to pure heart,
pure heart to rotten heart to broken heart
A new start only to fall apart when she departs
To take part in a game with all odds towards your counterpart.
Old enough to avoid ignorance but new enough for innocence.
A heart that is new is a heart that is clean,
Not strong, not safe, not even free,
But clean.
He is clean and she is not.
So why did he chose her?
And more importantly,
How long will he survive?