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I never wondered if you wanted to hold my heart
I was blind
and how naïve was I
at that time
I placed my heart into your palms
thinking that you are always going to be here
next to me
and what did you do
you let it fall down
and you chose her instead
I saw how happy you were
each time you talked about her
and me
what I did
I never let you found out that I was hurting inside
hid my tears under a fake smile
my mind killing me each morning
crumbling into pieces
even today, when I think about what I've gone through
I feel so stupid
expectation is the root of all heartbreaks
I am trying to get closure
it has been two years now
but each time I make two steps forward
I have to make four steps backwards
right when I thought I was ready to move on
it’s selfish of you
Selfish of you to keep me feeling like this
I see your face
I never thought that I would be writing about you
words turning into poetry
the way you left shows how you never cared
and I cannot get over you yet
my thoughts tying my mind
if you knew what was going on in my head
you would die

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