Hello! So, i'm not very popular here and it's actually my first post like this, but i got inspired by the "30-day song challenge" (if you know who created it, please let me know so i can mention them) and i thought i'd like to post something on my own. I love knowing people's favorite songs for every occasion, and the year is almost ending, so here it goes! Hope you join me in this "music journal" :)
(PSA: English is not my first language, so i apologize if there's something wrong)

1.- A song by an artist you've seen live (or wish you could see live)
2.- A song from a musical
3.- A song from a movie soundtrack
4.- A song you heard for the first time this year
5.- A song you know by heart
6.- A song by a band
7.- A song by a female artist
8.- A song in a different language than yours
9.- A song with just music and no lyrics
10.- A song to play during a road trip
11.- A song to wake up in a good mood
12.- A song that helps you self esteem
13.- A song that describes your life at the moment
14.- A song your parents played when you were a kid
15.- A "guilty pleasure" song
16.- A song that makes you wanna live during the 80's
17.- A song by a boyband
18.- A song that reminds you of the best times of your life
19.- A song that reminds you of your last birthday
20.- A song you'd play to someone who hurt you
21.- A song you'd sing to the love of your life
22.- A song that makes you feel like partying
23.- A song title that begins with the first letter of your name
24.- A song to play during sex
25.- A song you like by an artist you dislike
26.- A song that reminds you of your best friend
27.- Song lyrics you'd get tattooed
28.- A song you stop listening to for some reason
29.- Your top 3 songs at the moment
30.- Songs by your 3 favorite artists
31.- A song by a girlband
32.- A song that makes you nostalgic
33.- A song that makes your heart light up no matter what
34.- A song you love to sing
35.- A song that reminds you of your favorite place
36.- A Disney song
37.- A song that reminds you of your country/hometown
38.- A song for your funeral
39.- An acoustic song (or acoustic version of a song)
40.-A song that gave you the chills the first time you heard it
41.- A song you love with a long title
42.- A song you love with just one word by title
43.- A song that took you a lot to find again after hearing it once
44.- A song to listen to on a rainy day
45.- A song that makes you feel like a bad*ss
46.- A song that reminds you of someone you lost
47.- A song to work out to
48.- A song about depression
49.- A song that will always remind you of your teenage years
50.- A song from the 00's