accessories, aesthetic, and alternative image

Name: Henry Kim
Nickname: Hen
Birthday: December 24th, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn


boy, ulzzang, and korean image aesthetic, night, and grunge image Image removed hand, boy, and pale image
black hair, dark eyes and pale skin
I'm kinda handsome, am I right?
-Henry, 1:27 pm 2018


adidas, boy, and boys image supreme, sweatshirt, and white image look boy and boy 90s image black, jacket, and style image
sweatshirts, jeans, leather jacket


tattoo, planet, and grunge image tattoo, bambi, and deer image tattoo, art, and hands image tattoo, quotes, and enjoy image
these are some of his tattoos
Help me think about my next tattoo!
-Henry, 6:48 pm 2018


funny, question, and quote image mind, mess, and quotes image introvert, silent, and introverted image sarcasm, quotes, and stupid image boy, dog, and guy image quotes and explanation image
smart and serious but with the right company gets quite crazy, introverted, sarcastic and calm. tries to maintain a badboy-ish image, but if someone puts a cute animal in front of him he falls apart
Oh my gooooosh! Your dog is sooo cute, can I pet him, please?
-Henry, 3:21 pm 2018


black, cut, and dog image dog, schipperke, and lové image dog, papillon, and schipperke image 2006, beautiful, and black image
a schipperke named Babiboo


Temporarily removed aesthetic and nintendo image Temporarily removed car, night, and light image
video games, search about random things, listen to music, drive in the middle of the night
Wanna go out?
-Henry, 3:22 am 2018
What the fuck, it's 3 am


Temporarily removed astronomy, galaxies, and galaxy image food, fruit, and chocolate image coffee, city, and book image planet and saturn image money and dollar image
astronomy, ice cream, coffee, tattoos, studies and money
What do you want for your future?
-Harper, 1:57 am 2018

Best Friends

Abusive image Temporarily removed
Harper Cassidy
black, city, and clouds image boy, ginger, and redhead image
Oliver Harlow
Copyrighted image aesthetic, black, and gay image
Alyssa Jeon
Image removed grunge, tumblr, and friends image Temporarily removed grunge, friends, and night image
Our group is... weird, I don't know. We are just a bunch of idiots, but we seem so cool
-Henry, 4:09 am 2018


boy, glasses, and smile image couple, gay, and boy image gay and korean boys image harmony, music, and piano image
Lucas Browne
God Lucas, you are fucking cute, stop that
-Henry, 7:21 pm 2018


Temporarily removed Image by ♡ Theresa ♡ exo, kpop, and seoul image aesthetic, alternative, and black image quotes, sad, and feelings image Mature image
Can you speak? You're so quiet.
-Random guy in school, 4:29 pm 2006
Of course I speak, just not with you