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Halloween is approaching fast - time to think about the perfect costume for the spookiest day of the year! Luckily for you, you don't have to do all the thinking - because this article will give you all the Halloween costume inspo you need to steal the show!


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Look cute af this Halloween in Unicorn costume. You can keep things simple by pulling up in a unicorn onesie - or you can go all out and wear a rainbow wig, unicorn headband and unicorn inspired makeup.


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A mime cosutume is probably the easiest to put together - all you need is a black and white (or red) stripped cardigan,black suspenders, a beret, black sneakers, and black pants. As for the makeup, you don't need to be a makeup expert to create the perfect mime makeup look - you just need white face paint, red lipstick and eyeliner.


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Dress up as your fave Disney Princess character this Halloween. Look like Royalty in a light blue gown (you can find the right Cinderella dress from Amazon) , and gloves. Curl your hair and do a half up, half down style to match Cinderella's perfect locks.


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This costume is for anyone that knows that their crush is gonna attend the same Halloween party they're going to because trust me, you're gonna wow your crush in this racy costume. Get yourself a black Skeleton bodysuit ( you can find skeleton bodysuits from Bohoo.com), and style your bodysuit with fishnet tights and thigh high boots to make your costume look more risque.


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Pull out all the stops and wow everyone at your Halloween party in a ultra girly mermaid costume. You can DIY a mermaid bra by sewing on shells and pearls on a bra that you don't use. Throw on a green sequin skirt to show off your amazing figure and finish off with a pretty mermaid makeup look.


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Tap into your mystical side this Halloween and dress up as a Fortuneteller. Wear a headscarf decorated with jewels, and accessorise your costume by throwing on as many necklaces and rings you have. Make sure you keep your makeup look as dark as possible; do a smokey eye and wear a dark lipstick. Oh, and most importantly, don't forget to carry a mystical ball.

That's all for today, loves! I hope this article has helped you figure out who you want to dress as for Halloween! follow me if you wanna see more articles from me.I hope you have a lovely day!


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