flowers, red, and aesthetic image Mature image crown, Queen, and black image aesthetic and burgundy image
Persephone, Goddess of spring, Queen of Underworld.


flowers image demeter and greek goddess image flowers, aesthetic, and pink image aesthetic image
Demeter, Goddess of the grain, agriculture and the fertility of the earth.


Temporarily removed aesthetic, Zeus, and greek god image bird, animal, and eagle image lightning, white, and sky image
Zeus, God of the sky, King of the gods.


fire, black, and boy image black image indie, soft grunge, and aesthetic image boy, indie, and soft grunge image
Hades, Husband, God of the dead and afterlife, King of Underworld.
hunter, indie, and adonis image model image
Adonis, (Dead) Lover, Hunter (Human).


Mature image boy and gold image mythology, boy, and greek image Queen, water, and fantasy image
Cyané, Limnad (Nymph of Lakes) / Helios, God of the sun / Hermes, God of trade, messenger of the Gods, guide to the Underworld / Lethe, Goddess/River (Personification) of forgetfulness.


Mature image greek mythology and ascalaphos image
Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty / Ascalaphus, Custodian of the orchard of Hades.


beauty, skin, and aesthetic image fruit image
Melinoë, Goddess of ghosts, fathered by both Zeus and Hades in their Orphic dual-god role / Zagreus (dead) The mystical Dyonisus of Underworld, Also called the highest God of Underworld. Fathered by Zeus or Hades.

Physical appearance

aesthetic, crown, and gold image girl, eyes, and eye image hair, hairstyle, and gold image hair, black, and black hair image


crown, red, and aesthetic image aesthetic, model, and persephone image aesthetic, fatale, and red image aesthetic and persephone image Mature image beauty image


snow, cold, and beautiful image megan fox, jennifer's body, and fire image quotes, red, and seduction image quotes, demon, and red image


Image by sa0a0 architecture, chandelier, and dark image
architecture image Temporarily removed
The Underworld (Autumn & Winter)
Image by MELINDA WORREN sicily image architecture, gold, and aesthetic image lavender image
Earth, Sicily (Spring & Summer)


rose, flowers, and red image volcano, nature, and photography image witch, magic, and witchcraft image Copyrighted image
Chlorokinesis control plants and flowers, Geokinesis control earth (earthquake, volcanoes...), Necromancy control and divine authority over the dead, Umbrakinesis control darkness and shadows.

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