there are so many boys at my school. most of them are not cute,and stuped. i am in that stage that most if the boys think that being idiots is cute. (news flash it's not so stop) but there is that 12% of the boys that are cute. i like one, but i do not need him. it makes me jealous to see people with a boyfriend. i want a boyfriend. but no one needs one. they are just truble. your life gets so complicated when you like a guy. mine did. for the lingest time i told no one who i like. now only 5 people know. he is nice to me. in my fourth pireod we only have 4 girl and 11 boys. i am the only one who tries relly hard. so i have learned respect from the guys. i am the first person to be picked. he is in that class and he gives me a chance. i hope he likes me back. but i do not need him. no one needs a boy. ( or man ). this artical is for any one who likes a boy. 💕😍 😁