Why was I in love with someone that
doesn't love me?
Why was I thinking about him all
the time?
Was he in love with me, or was it just
another story that I made up in my mind.

Im the only one to blame
cause Im the one who fell, the one who
taught that this was a real fairy tale, instead it turned out to be book written all by myself.

Cause I fell in love alone,
with someone that doesn't even recognize me, with someone that looked at me like a stranger. With an idiot that never looked for love, but just sex.

Don't get me wrong, we never have it, but I know that those were his intentions.
Just another girl, he said.
Another one of his list of "hearts broken", I don't get why he did that, maybe he's just, as I said, an idiot that never loved me, but started a story that I wanted to end. However, now I hope to never see him again.