love you ♡ .

hi, my name is... you know what i´ll actually keep my name as a secret, imagine whatever name you want on me, i´m writting this just for fun and perhaps entertaining some of you, i decided to call this section "On My Way..." because ill write about my way to unknown destinies so lets start.


woke up at 5:30 am, i slept well, it took me some time to actually get up from my bed and get ready for school, while i was getting ready i recieved a text from a friend who i just met, but he is really sweet though :).

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then I got breakfast and headed to school while reading a book

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at school i chatted with my friends, finished some projects and had my normal classes, we saw human rights in our language class and i loveeee this topic ♡ , in conversation class me and my best friend did the dubbing of coraline, my favorite part at school was when me and a group of friends were talking about conspiracy theories.

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it was a cool school day.

at home i ate something and i catched up with my mom and my sister, after eating i did my homework and studied for a bit.

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after that i got to my room and tuned RM´s new album mono ♡

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then i took a shower, watched some movies and slept.

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that was pretty much my day, not really interesting i know, but i enjoyed my day, and each day is a day closer to my destination and to my death but well...
i´ll try to upload in a few days ly.